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Nepal, check. Next on the list, India!

To my friends in Nepal still. There are no words to explain how I’m going to miss you these next couple of days. I’m just going to miss you all. I have developed such a stronger and more loving relationship with each and everyone of you. I wanna say thanks. Thanks for showing me the ropes in Nepal, thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for the laughs and and the great Nepal memories. I’ll Forever have this first time with all of you and the pictures to remember it. To quote Tiffany, we’ll always have those “remember the time” moments. Just remember we were ontop of the world together. Anything is possible! For me it’s the first time we went to monkey temple, oh the pain and not from the stairclimb. Maybe it’ll be my constant fanning of my shirt, just try it, it feels so good!
Clem, being ur roommate was dope, but seriously I say this cuz I care and I’m sure we all feel the same way, please please get the OSA checked. Joking aside, I believe you can change the world bro. Dont give up and don’t let anything stand in your way you. I remember u said you wanna go down trying, thanks man, that will forever be one of my montras.
Tiff, your heart is so big it amazes me. The ability to continue to give and give and give is such a rare characteristic to find in people and I love you for it. Don’t stop and don’t let anything stop you. The world is ours to save and you have started paving the way for that change. Thanks for taking me with you.
Caroline, ive seen a free spirit in you that is jut awesome. You may call it careless but who could pull it off other than you. Your strong personality mixed with your subtle humility and energy creates a next level person that I love. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the 2 cups of coffee in the morning haha. Travel the world cuz its suites you so well, your willingness to learn about culture and ability to jump into a once in a lifetime situation are things ill take away and never miss out on, Thanks.
Jenny, i am so happy and proud that you came on this trip. You’re a G. You stepped up and tried all sorts of different things, im proud of u. Rooming with you has been fun and full of laughs. Even when you sleep its funny haha Thanks for all the wake up calls haha. I’m so glad that I could share this experience with my TTC buddy. I only got to spend one week with you but you showed me how to overcome fear and take a chance to experience something different even if u know nothing about it. Thanks.
Marry, your humor has brought me to a next level. Without fail you impress me with ur stories and experiences with only a week in Nepal. You’re hands down the funniest girl i know, love it. You comedian. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have a video of me and you going down a zip line. I will forever remember the look on ur face when I passed you. I’m so happy I partnered with you. I’m so glad that u came to Nepal and that I could share this experience with you. thanks.
Mandy, gotta save the best for last, sorry guys, haha kidding, but not really. You are a champ, I am extremely proud of you for coming on this trip and sharing this experience with us. The fact that you stepped up and tried something new and different is a feat of its own and for that you’re a champion in my book. You did Holland landing proud. You’ve got a huge support group behind you and its amazing to see. I’m sure they too are impressed that u stepped outside your comfort zone. It’s amazing how one event can be life changing. When u came back from the orphanage and said “now I want kids” its clear that it was more than just a learning experience but also an appreciation for the precious lives that we care so much about. For this I can say you showed me how moments are rare to come by and to make every moment count and no matter the affect on myself, just do it.

I miss the singing!

Thanks to all of you, the Nepal experience has been more than next level with each of you and I will miss it all and im glad i shared it with all of you. Much love guys. The mountains and the culture and especially the food shall always be relived through pictures but i already know it won’t do it justice but those are memories that wont be forgotten. I’m not the best at goodbye because really I don’t like them. so I’ll end with, do you remember the time we went to Nepal in the summer of 2012? Cuz I do.

See you in India!


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It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted to theSIU. Last weekend we went to Nargakot for the night, didn’t get to see the sun set but got to see a beautiful sunrise in the horizon where the Himalayas sit. It was just amazing I wish I could explain the view and the feeling. I think I might have gotten a little sick too. The night was unexpectedly cold and I didn’t bring a long sleeve, dumb. That’s alright I’m still eating and my hunger is still present and I’m drinking lots of water.

The past couple of days I havent really been myself, it’s been pointed out by my friends a couple times and in no way do I not want their help, but I’ve never been one to talk about my problems even if I had them. I find it hard I guess, because of judgement and ridicule? (that might be too strong of a word) I don’t like to bother people and I don’t like to complain either. I’m not gonna lie, I have trouble explaining myself sometimes too, but I am working on it. And I might have pissed off someone as well, sorry I would never do it to hurt or spite you, actually I would never do it period, it’s just not who I am. But I really do appreciate the concern, I can feel the love. I love yall too Thanks and I’m sorry if it affected anyone in anyway.

In addition, I’m currrently looking for a flight to hong kong to visit my dad. We’ll see if prices change, it might cost me more than I’d like. I am going to see him in September too but still, it’s hong kong and I’m only 5 hours away…. By flight. I’ve asked my friends and they say go, I’ve asked my mom and and she says it’s ur decision, my dad says the same. Lol it’s funny cuz my reaction would be the same as my parents, genetic behavior. Ill decide in a day or 2.

The experience in Nepal has been amazing. Sharing this opportunity with my close friends and classmates and family back at home makes me feel so fortunate. Fortunate to have such a great support group behind me and fortunate to have great friends who want to have a hand in changing the world. Being here with them has really opened my eyes, a realization that there really are bigger issues in this world than what we complain about at home. I am fortunate to be here with them and privileged to work with them on a project that not only will enhance our learning but also share important practice methods with the local hospital.

And dont get me wrong, i love Nepal, the people are great and the hospital is definately and eye opener and i Truly enjoy sharing and learning from the Doctors, medicine is truly a common language. And Im not saying im not motivated to be here and not wanting to help but watching and listening to Tiffany, Clem and Caroline talk about their goals and aspirations really got me thinking about what mine really were. I really admire The conviction and passion they have, its simply remarkable. There is a lot that I need to Learn and I’m so glad that they have helped me on the way.

Thank you guys

Next time less of an essay lol


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Malarone! Next level protection

Lol we all are taking malarone and after reading all the potential side effects, I think we’ve all had at least of them when we take it lol. It isn’t serious but it’s pretty funny lol. Its throwing off my whole next level.

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Fridays off

Today is a chill day and we only have To go to a presentation today but otherwise it’s gonna be reflection time and figuring our what we wanna do for the next couple weekends.

Lately I’ve been thinking that the luxury of having he internet is nice to connect with the world and home but sometimes i feel like I’m not on vacation anymore cuz I can’t et away from checking my emails. This is not to say I don’t enjoy it but I just thought of it is all. It’s funny how technology has not only helped us but almost seems like we cant go anywhere without it. Cray

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Wooo RT’s in nepal

Volunteering in the hospital and seeing how they do things is an eye opener. The equipment is completely different and less than what we have. The doctors are amazing and we are always involved in consults and asked about our opinions. Amazing. Learning so much and also sharing knowledge from the western world!

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globicus777 asked: Any more news Nigs?

Yeah lots of good news in our group blog
Btw who is this?

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Walk with a purpose

Walking 2 inches from cars and motorbikes is an adventure in itself, almost like walking downtown Toronto but next level. I have learned to walk like I mean it and when crossing the street, do as the locals do. Blend in!